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We’ve been using the new rules in our house for about a week now and we’ve had lots of ups and downs with them all week. Needless to say J isn’t enjoying having new rules, (another change to deal with), however he has been complying with them in his own way.

He helped me to choose different pictures for his visual aids, we now use a traffic light chart alongside a “privileges” chart, (these are things he wouldn’t want to lose if his behaviour resulted in a red light).

The books on his chart are the amount of bedtime stories he gets read by ME, (if he loses all of them he can still have A story but it will be read by Daddy, he prefers Mummy), the TV is his TV programmes and the computer games consoles are of course his computer games, (which are his obsession).  With the traffic light system if he goes to amber he gets a warning and then if he’s “good” for 30 minutes after his warning he can go back to green, however if we receive negative behaviour from him then he goes to red and then loses something from his chart.  This has been abit hit and miss but now that we’ve been using it for a week it’s starting to work. We had a tough few days at the beginning of the week, in fact on Tuesday by 10am he’d already lost everything except one story on his chart so then I started thinking “now what, he’s got nothing to lose” and began to doubt that the system would work but we’ve stuck with it and it’s starting to pay off. He has lost something everyday but for the past 2 days he’s only lost a couple of things. I don’t know if that’s because of the chart or if he’s simply been having a good couple of days, in any case well done little man, you’re doing great!

The other visual chart we are using is a daily schedule, this is so that he can see what’s coming up next and so hopefully ease some of his anxieties.


To say that he loves this chart would be an understatement! He helped me to choose the pictures for this chart and often looks at his chart to see what he has to do next. This one is working!!!

We keep both charts on the fridge so that he can see them easily.


As for the new rules, well J isn’t liking them, however he has opened the fridge door himself on a couple of occasions and he’s started to try a little harder at getting himself dressed. Getting dressed is something he struggles with and it’s something that we’re working on. WELL DONE J!

As for the new food rule, well J doesn’t like this rule but has complied with it…….. literally! On 2 occasions now his has overfilled his mouth and started to walk away from the table, I have reminded him that food has to stay at the table and so he’s spat everything out onto his plate and then gone off to play! LOL  When asked why he spat his food out he’s looked at me confused and replied ” you said food had to stay at the table” :)    Despite some arguments and some refusal to eat food has stayed at the table. However J has now been taking longer to eat everything and has eaten less, he has also at most mealtimes had a bite then gone off somewhere to play, come back to have another bite, gone to play and so on.  So over the next few weeks we may make small changes to this rule, such as getting a clock and giving him x amount of time to finish eating. Also he still isn’t sitting at the table very often, he prefers to stand or bounce, so we may make it a rule that when he’s eating he has to sit, we’re hoping to be provided with a special seat for him so he can move whilst he sits.

Overall so far so good, apart from a few bumps in the road our new rules and charts seem to be working.   So WELL DONE J, you’re doing great and Mummy and Daddy are very proud! x

On a slightly different note, I am continuing with my weightloss challenge and have made slight changes to my diet, I’m exercising regularly at least 3-4 times a week and generally feeling alot healthier.  I haven’t lost huge amounts of weight but I have lost another pound over the last 2 weeks. I know that’s not great but that’s a total of 7 lbs in 5 weeks which I think is pretty good and I’m trying to make changes to my lifestyle that I can continue once I’ve reached my goal. My goal is to feel healthier and to lose some weight, it’s not rapid weight loss so I’m very happy with myself.

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