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There were so many possibilities for todays #FMSphotoaday challenge. I have way too many favourite things! ;)

One of my favourite things to do is to take photographs, I love documenting things, events etc with photographs and creating memory books/files with them. Another favourite thing is travelling, I don’t actually enjoy travelling but I love visiting and discovering new places.

When in Australia we visited one of my favourite places in the world and took one of my favourte photographs.


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It’s been a while since I posted. It’s been a long summer of highs and lows and we’ve been very busy.

At the start of the Summer holidays I had surgery on my right hand, nothing serious, I have Carpal Tunnel in both hands and so had surgery to relieve it. This meant I was unable to use my right hand for 3 weeks and then had to slowly regain use of it, It’s still quite painful around the area now but the scar is only just visible.  It’s been hard work just doing some basic things (such as washing and dressing), and I’ve been really surprised at how much I rely on the use of my hands.

We renewed our Australian visas during the Summer. We discovered that they had just expired and so spoke to a very helpful person at Australia House who informed us that we could apply for a Resident Return Visa, which ofcourse we did. Our visas are valid for another 5 years, we were gutted to leave Australia in January and so by renewing our visas we might be able to return at some point over the next 5 years.

We opted for several days out over the Summer rather than a short holiday. J and I had a couple of days out with my wonderful friend Supersingle mum and her girls (one of which is J’s best (and only) friend here in England). We went to Wickstead Park, which is a small family fun/theme park and also went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. J enjoyed both days although was a little disappointed with the wildlife park. In his opinion there wasn’t enough animal interaction, I guess Australia Zoo is difficult to live up to.



We also had a few family days out, just my Hubby, J and I. We took J to Duxford Imperial War Museum, Cadbury World and ofcourse to the Seaside. He had great fun, in fact he had so much fun all trips were meltdown free!!! He loved looking at everything at Duxford and going to the Sealife centre whilst at the seaside but he was especially impressed with the cups of melted chocolate that he got to sample at Cadbury World. :) And ofcourse we’ve had numerous trips to feed the ducks!

Our housing situation hasn’t gotten any better over the Summer either. We applied to our local council for housing, ticking all the boxes for Housing Associations etc  (as most homes are now with Housing Associations) and so far we have been offered 2 retirement bungalows. Neither were suitable for a family let alone a family with a child that has J’s needs and were both just about big enough for a retired couple, however due to us refusing them our local council have put our housing application on hold for 6 months. Therefore we are stuck living in a house that we don’t really want to be in but it was the only house available to rent when we first arrived back in England. (It’s very hard to rent a house here when you’re previous landlord and references are in a different country!)

And after having a fairly good and relaxed Summer, (other than the housing situation and the surgery), J went back to school 2 weeks ago. He’s already had a week off sick and although he didn’t like feeling so full of cold and coughing, he didn’t mind being off school and was gutted to go back yesterday. Things have already gone from bad to worse since going back and J declared as soon as he exited the school grounds that he’s “had a horrid day!” However then shutdown and couldn’t tell us why! To be honest I have given up almost all hope of communication between the school and ourselves ever working and it feels like they simply don’t want to help/support and that maybe it’s just too much trouble for them. Our ESCO support worker is currently on holiday and we don’t have our next meeting with her, the school and other professionals until next month. We also don’t have our next appointment with the community Paediatrician until next month either and so until then we all just have to bide our time and just try our best to make it through each day. To be honest the nights are becoming harder than the days at the minute, as well as the usual fun and games at bedtimes, J has started to have Night Terrors. He’s been waking up between 3 and 7 times a night, screaming, shouting, panicking, violently shaking, rambling and (it looks like) trying to get something off him. Ofcourse by morning despite us all being a little more tired than usual he has no knowledge of any of his “awakenings”. Not sure what’s suddenly caused them or how to deal with them either but I’m sure we’ll work something out soon.

So that’s it, obviously there’s been lots of other “stuff” but this has been our Summer of highs and lows. As we make our way through Autumn we’re looking forward to trying to work our way through “stuff”, work our way towards Christmas (not too long now!!) and getting out of our rut.

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I’ve been tagged by Belinda over at Land of Little Princesses in post titled All I Want For Christmas.  Many thanks to her for the tag, she has some fab things on her Christmas List, I’m really liking the look of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, I hope she gets everything she’s wished for :)

As for me, well I’m still not feeling all that Christmassy even though the big day is now only a week away!! So my Christmas list has taken some thinking about, I love shopping………………..for others, believe it or not for myself it’s a little harder. But here’s my list………………

1.  A Full Night’s Sleep!

A full uninterrupted 5 hrs sleep would be great :)

2. A New Alarm Clock

The one I have is pretty cute but he it keeps waking me up way too early and I think the radio is broken on it because it just keeps repeating itself “Mum wake up!” LOL ;)

3. A Smile

A smile from my little monkey Christmas Morning would be great…………… another when he opens his pressies and tells me that we got him “the right thing” would be perfect :)

4. A Family Portrait

We have very few pictures of the 3 of us, in fact I think the last one was taken almost a year ago! Hubby and J both loathe shopping and so I have demanded asked for us to have a family portrait/photo done as my Christmas present from them.

5. An Espresso Machine

Just so that I can put my new coffee making skills into practice :)

See Mr Santa Claus I’m not really asking for much and I promise I’ve tried very hard to be good all year (and it’s been a very trying year) ;)

In the spirit of Christmas (see I’m starting to get some now hehe) I’m going to share by tagging the following fab bloggers

Super Single Mum

Sabina at Mummy Matters

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Gemma at Growing My Family Tree

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Yes it is…………………… and no it’s not!

Wow it’s December already, it’s crept up very quickly this year.  Like last year it just feels different and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

J isn’t a huge fan of Christmas, he loves to decorate the tree and to open his (and sometimes ours) presents and cards but that’s about it. He’s absolutely petrified of Santa and has put a complete ban on Santa visiting. He’s told us Santa is not allowed in the house and can leave his present at the door…………outside! He’s having to do lots of Christmas art at school which he isn’t enjoying, art is something he’s never really been a fan of, especially messy art and because he has to do it at school, it’s no longer fun at all for him. He won’t join us with our Christmas lunch, although he will still sit with us whilst he eats his usual cheese sandwich that has been cut into triangles. So you see he’s not really a huge fan of  the Christmas period.

There’s a huge difference in weather for us too. I know we celebrated last Christmas in Australia but we had so much rain and then of course the floods, for over a month now it’s been unbelievably hot and dry and well…………………. it just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. I think it’s because I’m so used to having a cold and frosty run up to Christmas. Despite the rain last year I felt pretty much the same, I even sat and watched a huge collection of Christmas movies and cartoons with J. I did this for 2 reasons, the first was to try to get him more enthusiastic about Christmas and the other reason was to try to help me feel more Christmassy. Did it work? No not really, but he did enjoy the movies :)

We’ve had abit of a bad run of luck this year too and have some pretty huge changes coming up right at the start of 2012. Maybe thinking of and working our way up to and through the really huge things going on at the moment is also contributing to my lack of Christmas spirit. We’ve even decorated our tree early this year, which was great fun but still didn’t get us all in the seasonal mood.

Yes, that is an Angry Bird on the top! :)

I just can’t put my finger on it but at the moment I just don’t feel all that Chrismassy, which is really unusual for me. I’m usually a big fan of Christmas, growing up my Nan always made Christmas a very special time of the year for me, of course it’s also this time of the year that I miss her the most. I miss spending my special time with her, taking her Christmas shopping etc. When think about it I guess I’m also missing some of my family and friends back home, I suppose it’s just that time of year.

I know it’s still a couple of weeks ’til Christmas but by this time I’m usually full of Christmas joy, I hope we can all get a little more Christmassy over the next couple of weeks and make this Christmas extra special for all of us but especially for J.


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With lots to mail overseas I've made a start with my wrapping!


Silent Sunday

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We arrived home yesterday from our little roadtrip, all a little tired and sad to be home.


The journey to our destination was a long one, J was in a terrible mood which continued on throughout the day even after we had arrived and unpacked. Last week was the first time he had attended 3 full days in a row at school and I think it just wore him out, which resulted in a tired and VERY grouchy boy pretty much all day Thursday.

However he woke up Friday feeling and looking much happier, a huge relief for us because we had another day of driving around and it would have been a nightmare if little man had been in his bad mood again! We drove around various little towns/suburbs, checked out the local schools, visited the local tourist offices to get information about the area and just generally checked out the whole area.










Saturday we spent the morning doing pretty much the same thing and decided (despite the threat of showers) that we’d get some chips and let J spend some time on the beach. He’d been so good we thought it would be fair to let him have some fun :)


We were very sad to leave on yesterday but returned home with the knowledge that this was definitely somewhere that we’d like to consider moving to. :)

As for today………… well it was back to the same old, same old………………. J insisting that he was sick and couldn’t go to school, appointments with doctors, surgeons and therapists………… and back to my little addiction to coffee ;)

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So our friends left us last night to return to the UK and we’re missing them already. :(

It’s been great having them here for the past week and a half but it’s gone by way too quickly. Having them here has been a little like having a holiday, without actually having a holiday :) We tried to fit in as much as possible whilst they were here…………….. the Gold Coast, the Sunshine coast, the Beach, Brisbane, Australia Zoo, Whale Watching and Sydney, (although we didn’t join them whale watching or in Sydney). Here’s some pictures from our “holiday”






It’s been fab having them here!

J has been a star and has coped really well having guests stay with us. Our guests visiting Sydney was well timed and the “time out” that he needed. He spent a day in pj’s playing computer games and just being himself, which was just what he needed. He got pretty tired whilst they were here but only had a handful of meltdowns and saved them for when our friends weren’t with us, well done little man!

Having our friends stay was just what we all needed, a “holiday” and a little bit of home……….. so thanks S and M for visiting, come back again soon! :)


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Happy Australia Day everyone, hope you all have a great day……….. beach, BBQ, cricket whatever you do, have fun! :)

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This week the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers has made the theme for The Gallery Celebrations.  Well I think we’ve already had a theme like this one so I’ve trudged through some old photos and thought with Christmas coming up I’d use an old Christmas photo :)

This is me with my beloved Nan Christmas 2002.

When we were kids we’d always spend Christmas with my Nan and Granddad so when my Granddad died and my Nan’s Altziemers became worse, (which it very quickly did after losing my Granddad), rather than have her spend all of Christmas in the nursing home we had her over for the day.  She always made Christmas special for us so it was only fair that we tried to do the same for her. She was a very special person and I miss her lots ……………so Happy Christmas Nan have fun in heaven xxxxxx



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Ok I give in, I still think it’s too early to start celebrating Christmas and way too early for Santa to be lurking around but I have let J start making Christmas things.

Obviously there’s no getting away from it, it’s everywhere so we’ve started drawing Christmas pictures, writing our letters to Santa and making simple Christmassy things, which we’ll probably do on and off now until the big day. J doesn’t do a huge amount of arty things so I’m not too worried about having piles and piles of things that he’s made and he knows that our tree isn’t going up until after Daddy’s birthday so I think he’s starting to understand that it’s a little while until Christmas day.

Once December arrives and he starts his advent calendar, he has a handmade one to hang up with a pocket for everyday in December up ’til Christmas Eve, I think he’ll then fully understand how long it is until Christmas.  In the meantime we’ll carry on colouring pictures and writing Christmas cards and maybe in a week or two we’ll make some little decorations to put on our tree and of course I’ll be trying, (as I usually do anyway), to avoid shops and shopping centres with J for the next few weeks. Once December arrives we’ll probably also start watching our Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs because for us December is our Christmas month :)

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