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A big black cloud seems to keep following us at the moment………….


Would you be kind enough to now GO AWAY!   ;)

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Since arriving back in the UK we’ve been a little spoilt with the weather that we’ve encountered.

To be honest after our last winter in the UK and hearing from family and friends how bad last winter was, we were expecting some cold days and although we’ve had a couple of cold ones the weather’s actually been quite bizarre! In fact one day this week the thermometer read 21.5 degrees and the sun was shining…………….I didn’t even need a coat! Or a jumper!!  However a few weeks ago it was so cold the thermometer read -16!!! Yep that’s right -16!!  That’s a huge difference!

When we left Australia we experienced a heatwave and it was 37 degrees the day we left………….hot, hot, hot! So -16 was a huge shock to the system.


I’m not posting to complain about the weather because despite feeling like our hands were going to freeze right off our arms when we went out, the cold weather provided some great photo opportunities and J got to experience snow, something that he couldn’t remember but loved!

……….And yes we made a huge snowman!


Today we woke up and it was pretty chilly, around 6 degrees but by 9am it was already warm enough to go out with just a small jacket on. As it was J’s day at home this week (no school on a Thursday for him this term) we decided to attempt a trip to the park. We haven’t been to the park for a while for several reasons but mostly because J usually either finds it too busy or too “dirty” and the result of most trips is usually a huge meltdown. Today the park was empty, YAY! We had a great play, with lots of giggling and even went back for another play later in the day. It had warmed up so much by then that the thermometer was reading 21.5 degrees!!! No jacket required!…….Crazy right? Just look at that blue sky!!!

Again I’m not complaining, I love the sunshine :) I’m just confused, the weather forecast says that temperatures are going to drop at the weekend………..alot……….down to around 11 degrees around these parts of Great Britain!  The weather here really has been crazy during the last few months. I’m glad that I packed our jumpers and fleeces when we left Australia but I’m so relieved that I packed t-shirts too, despite Hubby insisting that we wouldn’t need then.

Come on admit it the weather’s gone mad!…………… I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t do at least one post about the weather, now would I? ;)




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This week’s theme for the Gallery is extreme close up.

J took this a few weeks ago, (and many more like it), when the weather here turned very, very cold. He was fascinated by the snow and the frost, it was something we never saw whilst in Oz and something he didn’t remember.

Why not head over to Sticky Fingers to check out more extreme close ups :)

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