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Today was my little man’s first day back at school. This school term actually started last week but our friends from the UK were here so we decided to let J have an extended school holiday. He’s been off school for a total of 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks we’ve had very few big meltdowns and only a few “mini meltdowns”. He’s also coped really well having our guests stay and has even slept through the night no less than 8 times in the last 3 weeks!!!!  We also thought we’d solved part of our bedtime battles with him, we still have the usual “I don’t want to go to bed”, “I’m not tired”, “I need a drink”…….and so on but I have been sitting with him once he’s in bed and had his stories etc. I’ve been sitting with him stroking his hand or head to calm him for about 10 minutes every night and it’s been working!! He hasn’t come out of his room even once in the last month once he’s been put to bed!!!

Last night I didn’t manage to calm him, he didn’t come out of his room but he did cry (real tears) and he did whine and several times told me he wasn’t going to school. *sigh*

Today it’s all change for him. Not only is he no longer attending EI, he is attending Prep 4 days a week (I’ve insisted he stay home on a Wednesday to give him the break he needs) but he also has a new teacher. Thankfully a couple of weeks before the end of last term his Prep teacher informed me that she was leaving at the end of term so that I could start to prepare him, unfortunately the school didn’t officially announce it until the end of the last week of term and the name of the new teacher was given to us on the very last day of term.  I received a phonecall at 9am yesterday from someone at the school asking for my email address. She then emailed a short letter for J including pictures of his new teacher, the Prep classroom, which has been changed around and the new entrance that the children are to go in. I’m very grateful to this person for taking up her personal time to do this for J. Thankyou

However, the school has been back for a week, there are a few ASD children in J’s class. Change can be hard for all children, throw a little ASD in and you have fun times…………NOT!  Other than this person calling and emailing we have had no contact with the school over the last week, I would have thought with the amount of meetings and issues that we’ve had with the school and J’s reaction to change (something that they are well aware of) that they may have taken 5 minutes out of just one of those days last week to email, call, write a brief letter………….whatever,  to inform us of the changes so that we had the time to prepare him. Instead it was left to this person to email in her own time. Again I’m very grateful and owe them our thanks.

Last night and this morning we’ve had lots of “I don’t want to go school”, “I don’t want to go in a new door”, “I don’t want a new teacher” and lots of “I hate school”. *sigh*

I’ve printed some information off that I compiled about J and about how he “copes” but then explodes at home because he isn’t really coping and gave it to his new teacher when I dropped him off this morning. I also had a very brief chat with her and explained a couple of his “issues”. She seemed friendly and receptive, it’s very early days but I guess we’ll see how we go.

The past few days has really highlighted just how hard the start of each school year is going to be for J ………. and for us. New teacher, new classroom, new routines…………….  It’s going to get easier…………………. right?

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The lovely Fi at Wonderfully Wired recently wrote a post about this. It also something that we’ve been asking ourselves, what were the first signs that J was wired differently and that little bit extra special?

I’ve been reading and re-reading a chapter about this in The Autism Experience, which has also had me going over things again and again in my head.

Alarm bells went off for us when J was just over 18 months old, he started to randomly bang his head. He’d be playing quite happily and then suddenly and like I say quite randomly would bang his head against the wall, the floor or anything else hard that he could find. We first went to see a pediatrician because not only were we worried that what he was doing wasn’t “normal”  and we were concerned that one day he would seriously hurt himself, we were also worried about what other people would think about the bumps and bruises that were suddenly appearing on his head and how long it would be before someone started jumping to the wrong conclusion.

As a baby J would have huge tantrums. We used to put him in his travel cot, where for a time he was safe, until the tantrum ended. By the time he was around 9 – 10 months old he would pull himself up and bang his head on the corners or the rail of the travel cot, despite not yet being able to stand unaided………….. the “tantrums” were so huge sometimes they would last for hours. I think back now and wonder how many of those “tantrums” were actually tantrums and how many were meltdowns due to sensory overload, change in routine etc  At the time we just thought that he was like us, stubborn and strong-willed, plus even as a baby we knew he was clever, maybe we just weren’t stimulating him and his interests, maybe he was bored………………….. so many maybes but maybe these were early signs.

J has always been a picky eater, even before he moved onto solids milk was an issue. Breast milk wasn’t enough and so we moved onto formula but we even had to change the formula we used……………………… and don’t get me started on how many different teats we tried before finding the “right one”. We had to use a fast flowing teat because he wouldn’t or couldn’t suck properly…………. I’m now told that he sucks and chews things because he isn’t fully developed orally so who knows maybe this was also an early sign.

When we first saw J’s pediatrician (yep the very same one that diagnosed HF Autism/Aspergers last year) J was almost 2, he mentioned Autism but J was a good talker………… a really good talker, you could have a “proper” conversation with him by the time he was 18 months old. He could talk so he couldn’t have Autism…………… right?   Wrong!  But at the time the pediatrician assured us that J was a very bright boy and had good communication skills so it was unlikely to be Autism. We had already made the decision to move back to the UK by then and so we were told that we should source out some help and support when we arrived back there. Whilst he was a great talker and we thought (at the time) that he was just smart and an early talker, looking back now I can see how “adult like” some of his speech was, I mean how many toddlers use words like ignorant?   Was this another sign?

  J was also (and still is) great at remembering things. By the time he was 2 he could tell you the name of       every Bob, Thomas and Cars character. He’s always been a collector too, everything from his toys to           toilet roll tubes. Whilst at times he’d play with them “correctly” he mostly used to line them up either on     his track or the floor and he’d always know if we had moved one……………………….and oh boy did we know it too!    Early signs???

J was a late crawler, in fact he didn’t really crawl at all, he used to roll and then commando crawled (dragged) himself around. He was a little late walking but not too late, by the time he was 16 months old he was walking, not always steady but walking none the less and by the time he was 18 months old he was running, in a very cute baby kind of way. He loved to be pushed around in his tricycle when he was little but would never attempt to use the pedals, pedalling is something he still struggles with. I’m told J has low muscle tone, I wonder if these were early signs?

J has never been a good sleeper, rarely sleeping through the night and daytime naps became a thing of the past by the time he was 2. Daytime naps were always hard work, J had to be put in his pushchair and usually wrapped up in his blanket, then he had to be pushed back and forth until he finally dropped off. Sometimes we’d do this for over an hour, until finally we gave in and no longer bothered with the naps. As a baby he loved to fall asleep laying across me in the evenings, those short naps were a godsend. He usually went to bed ok, (although slept in a ready bed for 18 months because he refused to sleep in a bed after we moved on from a cot), he just didn’t and usually still doesn’t stay asleep. He’s always been a light sleeper, every tiny noise would wake him up.  Looking back now I can see his sensitivity to certain sounds, he hated the hoover for example, certain sights, the dark and bright lights and certain smells. Then there was the biting, J was almost 2 when he started biting himself, we’d go out for the day and I’d wonder what people must think looking at this very sweet and very cute little boy with bumps and bruises on his head and bite marks up his arms. Like the head butting/head banging this was quite random but he would also bite himself and others when angry or frustrated.   Early signs??

He’s never really been great around other children either. I remember our first trip to see our Health Visitor at Clinic upon our return to the UK, I was nervous wreck, panicking about what he might do to another child. Eventually he made “friends” but they were my friends and their children, whom all but one were either older, (twice his age) or younger.

Then there was his reaction to change, he hated surprises and couldn’t cope with change, (again something he still struggles with and probably always will). When he was 2 I can remember him having huge “tantrums” in the car because I had driven the wrong way home!  Early signs??

Looking back now I can see that all the signs were there, I don’t think I could say what was the first sign, maybe all of the above or maybe the first signs were seen in pregnancy. I had a difficult pregnancy, (whole other post) and J was born a month early by emergency c-section. But I remember going for a 4D scan and it took forever to get pictures, he just didn’t like anyone looking at him and wouldn’t pose, we ended up having to go for a long walk before we finally got our pictures……….. as for those you can see him frowning and pouting on them, maybe they were the first signs ;)

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We’ve had 2 meetings this week both of which have created a mixed bag of emotions.

The first meeting was with a new OT, The OT and Speechy that we were seeing at the end of last year was a complete waste of time. Alot of our funding was used up and no progress was made, no sensory diet created………nothing. We were under the impression that this was one of the only places in our area to go, that accepted the funding, however at the beginning of this year we found a wonderful new Speech Therapist who in a short space of time has already helped a great deal and J responded well to her. It was her that gave us the details for J’s new OT, yes we will be seeing her again!

The OT that we met with was very switched on and (we felt) knew exactly what she was talking about and within 10 minutes of observing J whilst talking to us she had already picked up on a couple of J’s quirks/issues.  (very impressed)  During our hour with her she discussed the possibility hat J may have some ear problems that we should look into, he gets alot of ear infections and that along with a few of his “issues” could mean that there is a problem. This raised alarm bells with us because as a baby J was admitted to hospital overnight because he was unwell, when the Doctor “did his rounds” the next morning we were told that J had a narrow ear canal but because he was so small it would “sort itself out”, so ofcourse we are now asking ourselves if we should have pushed to investigate it further and if it is related to some of his ear issues now. The same Doctor also did some tests on J’s gut (that was the reason he was admitted overnight) and we were told that his bowel was slightly twisted but again because he was so small “it would sort itself out”. The OT that we met with this week feels that J could also have some gut problems, and so again we are wondering if we should have pushed to have it investigated further at the time…….. I guess when the experts tell you it will be ok you believe (or want to) that they know what they’re talking about and so leave it at that. *sigh*   Anyhow she has recommended that we see our GP and get a referral to a Dietician/Nutritionist, an Allergist and to get his ears sorted. Unfortunately we don’t have the best GP and so before we can sort all of the above out I have to search out a new GP……………..asap!  On the upside we were very impressed with the new OT and despite it being abit of a drive to see her we will definitely be going back to her :)

Our second meeting this week was not so great………………………. you’ve guessed it …………. the school!

It started badly when it was assumed Hubby would be outside playing with J and not part of the meeting…………….. he became a little cross at this suggestion and let rip at the Psychologist who went outside to chat to him. I should point out at this point that this was Psychologist who had been invited to the meeting despite the fact that she had never met any of us before and as nice as she was, she didn’t know any of us or anything about our situation. Also attending the meeting was the Principal, who had also never met any of us before, (I guess in a school so big it would be hard to know every pupil but since they get extra funding because J attends you would think they might make an effort to know who the special kids are that they are getting the extra funding for).

Anyhow once Hubby and everyone else was inside the meeting began. We tried to explain some of the issues we had been having and some of the things that J had told us but yet again felt like we had wasted 90 minutes. We told them that J had informed us that *Billy* had been mean to him and was bullying him, the response we got was smiles and nods……………. if they know it’s happening why haven’t they addressed this issue?!?!?!   We went through various issues with them and basically got the general feeling that we weren’t being listened to at all. We felt like we were going around in circles…………………… To wrap the meeting up the Principal asked if they were to work on the food thing and if that was what they should be doing………………….. I responded with “Well just getting him to school should be first!”        Do you see why we felt we weren’t listened to at all, how on earth did she get that his food issues were something to be worked on first when we had been explaining some of J’s issues with school and just how much he doesn’t want to go school and some of the behaviour we receive as a result of him not wanting to go to school?!?!?

Anyhow, we’re now counting down the days until we go to see the Surgeon about Hubby’s back and hoping for good news, (although the way this year is going so far, maybe we’re hoping for too much). After we have seen the Surgeon and we know what’s going on with Hubby’s back we will be making some important decisions about our future. If we get the good news that we are hoping for J may be ending his time at that school sooner rather than later and when we are searching for his new school we will be taking with us a list of questions to ask the school and a tick sheet of requirements, (smaller class sizes will be top of the list, as this is one of J’s biggest issues with his Prep class). Until then we just carry on as we are and wait and see……………………….

Oh and J is off school again today, because when you’ve been up most of the night and you feel the way that Hubby and I are feeling about the school, when you have your child screaming, crying (real tears, not the temper tantrum type) and physically begging you not to make him go to school, you’re just too tired and heartbroken to fight………….. what would you do?…………………………….. maybe I should ask his teachers that next week!

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I really need this place right now!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks but this last week has been especially tough!  I’ve reached the top and had to stop before I’ve blown a fuse!

Firstly my husband has been off work all week after hurting his back at work and is off for at least another 2 weeks. Let me just explain something, my husband is someone who HATES relaxing and doing nothing so to be off work, stuck at home and unable to do anything is driving him crazy and that is driving me crazy! Doing nothing is also making him really grouchy! Ok I know he’s hurt his back and he’s in a fair bit of pain but seriously I can’t wait for him to get back to work for all our sakes!

Secondly it’s been really hot here this week, my car doesn’t have aircon and I’ve had lots of meetings this last week which have meant spending lots of time in the car!  I really need a new car before next summer……..one with aircon!

And finally there’s J and Prep! He’s been coping really well whilst at school but as soon as he’s out of those school gates all hell breaks loose! This week has been worse than last week and it’s just been constant, one meltdown after another :( On Wednesday it took me almost 20 minutes to get him into the car when we left school! It was too hot, the seat didn’t look right, he couldn’t get in with his shoes on, once he was in the seat didn’t feel right and it was hot so he got back out again………. it just went on and on. Then he started on the way home because the wind blew into the car and touched him! It’s been like that all week, he’s been way more meltdowny and grumpy than usual. J doesn’t understand his emotions or how to control them so we only ever get extremes……….. extreme happiness, extreme excitement, extreme sadness and of course extreme anger. He has been shouting and screaming just about everything to us, he’s been extremely      unco-operative, every tiny little bump has meant that the world is going to end, (and there’s been a few, his clumsiness has skyrocketed too), he’s had a problem with just about everything, he’s been quite aggressive towards us, (pushing, hitting, kicking, pinching and biting), he’s started biting himself and sucking his arms, legs, fingers etc,he’s barely eaten at home and some of the bedtime battles have been quite spectacular!  Meanwhile at school he’s been a different child.

We have had a couple of issues at school. The first day at the ECDP (Early Intervention) he was due to be in another classroom with a new teacher so that caused a mini meltdown, (but in a way it was nice for them to see that), once Miss C had told him that there was some mix up with numbers and he and some of his other former classmates from last term would in fact be back in their old classroom with their teacher from last term, Miss S, he was ok and happily went into his classroom.  My issue with this is, we have been told that he will be going into the other classroom with the new teacher, they just don’t know when that will be. They have introduced him to the new teacher and even to the new classroom but each time Miss S, (who he feels very secure with) has been with him, when he moves she won’t be there. So we’re going to still have all the issues we had on his first morning. *sigh*

He went into school ok each morning until Thursday this week, (once we’d actually got to school). I took him to school on Wednesday morning, (mainstream Prep), and we had the usual fun and games trying to get ready for school, leaving and then during the car journey but once at school he went in ok, not happy but ok. He went straight to the table with the clean chair and the pink playdough………….only thing was the classroom had been moved around and the playdough  table wasn’t where it was supposed to be!  It really knocked him for six and he refused to go to the playdough table. Whilst we had a few grumbles I left him creating something with a peg board. Thursday morning he just point blank refused to go into school and I had to drag carry him in and then catch him twice as he managed to escape the classroom, he didn’t get very far, I was ready for anything. He didn’t look too impressed when I left him that morning and he certainly made me suffer when I collected him Thursday afternoon. Yesterday was pretty much the same as Thursday, but he also banged his head (purposely!)  on the wooden railing at school and informed me, whilst crying, that he couldn’t go to school because he had hurt his head and I’m sure it’s all linked to the classroom furniture being moved around. I have spoken with the teacher and I’m hoping if they decide to move things around again they will give him some sort of warning because he can’t cope with change.

He made a good start with food during his first week of school, eating pretty much everything I put into his lunchbag, (much to my amazement!) but over the later part of this week he has come home with at least half of his packed lunch. Again I think it could be related to the change around of the classroom but maybe it’s also getting to the “ok I’ve been a school a couple of weeks and I still don’t want to be here” stage.

The other issue we’ve been having whilst he’s been at mainstream Prep is toileting……….. he just hasn’t been going at all! He often waits until he’s desperate for a wee before he’ll go so we prompt him every so often to go, try for a wee and his ECDP teachers also remind him so no problems on a Monday or Tuesday. I spoke with his Prep teacher about it and she told me that she has been reminding him every lunchtime to “go to the toilet, wash your hands and get your lunchbag”……….(take note of her words)  Far too many instructions all in one go for J bless him. When I asked him why he hadn’t been for a wee he replied, (Miss C never told me to, she said I had to wash my hands!”. *sigh*  So had another conversation with her Friday morning about how it would be better if she gave one instruction at a time and made it clear that he had to go to the toilet, (for a wee) and then remind him to wash his hands afterwards. Finally yesterday he actually had a wee at school so he didn’t have belly ache and he wasn’t bursting to go when we got home.  I’m hoping this continues, once he’s been doing it for a couple of weeks he’ll get used to the routine and will (hopefully) just do it automatically…………..only time will tell.

Overall he’s coping so incredibly well whilst at school but out of school is such a different story. I wonder will it always be like this?  Will it pass once he finally gets settled and then start again next year?

I get why his behaviour is the way it is, I really do……. I get that he trying so hard to be “good” in school and to be like all the other kids and I understand that once he leaves school he’s with Mum (and Dad) again so he feels he can just release everything he’s been trying to control all day because he knows we love him unconditionally and it doesn’t matter what he throws at us (literally, it was the office chair this morning!), we’ll always be there. You see I do, I really do get it but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish it was a little easier. I love him and even with the constant meltdowns I love every minute that I spend with him but over the past 2 weeks I’ve started missing some of the fun we had together before school began.

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WARNING: I’m having abit of a rant

As I sit here at my desk I can hear rain crashing against the roof and the windows and in the distant sirens are wailing.

I drove to the shops this morning and witnessed various things that can only be described by one word  –  CRAZY!

It raining here…………. alot and it’s extremely heavy, in fact it’s so heavy I could barely see what was in front of me as I drove along the road……… there’s just so much water!  It’s been like this for a few weeks now with only a dry day or 2 here and there. We’ve not been hit to the same extent as northern and western Qld but it’s been so wet that after 4 hot dry days the garden was still soggy and had a puddle in…………… something that is once again a lake!  So you can imagine what the roads are like, (some are flooded and inaccessible) and how hard it is driving in so much rain.

Crazy is just how many people didn’t have lights on…………. seriously it’s hard enough trying to spot the car in front that has lights on, how on earth is anyone supposed to see the car travelling with no lights?!?!  Do everyone a favour………. PUT SOME LIGHTS ON!

Crazy is the drivers that think they can still drive as fast as the speed limit allows them to, (and some faster!), despite the amount of water there is on the roads and limited visibility. Crazy is the drivers weaving in and out of lanes just because they can’t slow down and crazy is the drivers who are in such a rush to get away from the lights that they spin their wheels and even skid a little just to try to get away that little bit quicker!   Do everyone a favour…………… SLOW DOWN, by going faster than you really should be you might never get where you’re going!

Crazy is the 2 drivers who I saw suddenly stop in the middle of the road, (across 2 lanes), because of a pot hole and a puddle. Yes it was a big puddle and yes the pot hole was big but maybe you should have gone around it like everyone else instead of suddenly stopping in the middle of the road. You could have caused a major accident!

So as I sit here and listen to the rain I’m not surprised that I can hear sirens. It does make me feel angry that some people show such stupidity and craziness when driving in extreme weather, (or any weather for that matter!). These people should take a moment to think about the devastation their actions could cause!

Ok rant over, sorry for going on abit but I just couldn’t believe some of the driving “skills” stupidity that I witnessed today!

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Ok so J has had control issues for what seems like forever but lately these issues seem to be taking over his whole personality!

When J was a baby he would have hour long temper tantrums at 9 months old! We would put him into his travel cot until he was over it …….. yes we tried the whole controlled crying thing and ignoring him until he had calmed down but with J it rarely worked. He just wouldn’t give in and soon progressed to banging his head on his travel cot so we stopped using it………. His first encounters with control!

The control issues soon progressed to things such as food – he would only eat what he wanted to eat, (usually just cheese or cereal), this is still a big issue now. Then he would have a meltdown if we drove “the wrong way home” because of course there can’t possibly be more than one way to get home. This is something that we share control over, at times we purposely drive a different way home, park in a different car park etc and yes we have all sorts of fun and games with J because of it but it’s not as bad as some other “moments” we have to cope with and gives us a little control back :) When games were played or if we went for a walk to the park or somewhere similar it was always by J’s rules and if we didn’t follow the “rules” we had to be prepared for the fireworks that would occur.

He loves doing the smiley chart – he gets 5 smiley faces (or marios thanks to a lovely friend of mine) and then gets a reward that he has chosen. As you can see this is something he controls therefore works with it.  He’s not so keen on the traffic light system that we have now been using for a few weeks, he often has a meltdown when he loses one of his special privileges, (especially computer games), but we are sticking with it because that’s our little bit of control.

However things have started to escalate lately and he now has to be in control of every tiny situation because when he doesn’t have control we have to cope with meltdowns! I get that control is an Asperger’s thing and I get that he has a need for routine and stability but seriously he’s taking things abit too far! He saw a child psychologist last week and it took her very little time to take note of his need for control. He quite simply has to be in control of everything! Examples I hear you ask……. well here’s a few from this week.

For breakfast every morning, (and I mean every morning) J has a yogurt covered cereal bar, (he thinks it’s white chocolate, :) 1 point to Mummy), but yesterday morning I took a cereal bar out of the box and handed it to him, he had a major freak out screaming and shouting at me because…………… he needed to get it out of the box and I had chosen the wrong one!  WHAT!!! So ofcourse I then had to put it back into the box and he took it back out and then ate it.

Jumping on the trampoline he yelled at me because I was jumping wrong and then, still yelling, (just so the neighbours could hear), he proceeded to tell me how we should jump on the trampoline and where I could stand etc…..

When I made his sandwiches at lunch today he supervised me with his arms crossed, (he can’t fold them so crosses them over, it’s quite funny to look at, but ofcourse I’m not allowed to laugh because that then results in yet more screaming, kicking, hitting etc). I was told every step of the way how to make his sandwich………. yes he told me how to butter the bread, pointed out that I had missed the tiniest bit near the crust, you know the crust that he won’t eat anyway, and he told me exactly how much grated cheese to put on his sandwich, after I had cut the slice of bread into triangles so that I could put his sandwiches together right!

When we played on Mario I had to follow his rules……… we’re obviously not allowed to simply play the game!

When he got dressed this morning I helped him to put his top on or I tried to at least……. that was my first mistake! First I should have let him get a shirt out of his drawer because he would have chosen the right one, secondly I shouldn’t have put his top on before his shorts because obviously I was doing things in the wrong order!

This is just a few things I could go on forever, he really does have to be in control of everything!

It’s getting towards the end of a very long year and we’re all tired exhausted and have just about had enough. J seems to be having one meltdown after another and like I say seems to need to have control over everything that happens. Hubby is getting tired and fed up, he comes home at the end of a long day at work to be greeted by J screaming and shouting at him and quite often hitting him ……….. he doesn’t seem to quite grasp the fact that that’s exactly what I’ve been dealing with all day. I’m surviving on about 4 hours sleep every night and lots of caffeine and to be quite honest by the time hubby gets home from work I’m starting to get to the end of my tether. So by 6pm – 7pm ish we’re all pretty grumpy ………. then the bedtime battles begin,  more control issues.

I love J, I love him more than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything and I wouldn’t change him for the world but the control issues…… mmmmmmmmmm………. really need to get on top of them, afterall when he starts Prep in January there will be so much that he won’t be able to control, I just don’t know how he’s going to cope.

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This morning we had another trip to Prep arranged and as usual it started as it always does with “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO PREP!” and “I HATE IT!”.  Yep just the usual, I tried to ignore it as I had already prepared myself for this.

When we arrived at the school I decided to show him the Tuck Shop and thought it would be nice for him to buy his own school shirt. He quite happily let me buy him a school shirt and then told me, (once again), “I’m not wearing it though.” – Progress though right? He let me buy the shirt ;)

Then we went across to reception to let them know we had arrived and then Oh Boy did we arrive!! J started with the kicking and trying to escape whilst we were in Reception. The Head of Special Education spotted us and took us across to the Early Intervention Centre and then we went from into the Prep area. Whilst in the playground at the EI centre J was really going for it, ok not a huge meltdown but bad enough and his EI teachers were really surprised, they hadn’t seen the J that likes to kick everything and everyone before, he’s usually so well behaved when he’s there.

Anyhow, we arrived at the Prep area where we met J’s soon to be teacher, who seems very nice, and the advisory teacher, Miss S, whom I met with last week. J simply continued with his wanting to escape and kicking, so I started thinking “yep this is going to be a complete disaster again“…….. I tried to get him interested in using his camera, using my camera and some of the things in the room, no joy.  Then Miss S took out some secret weapons, she had brought with her a couple of sensory toys, one of which was a large squidgy frog which he loved! However he could only hold/play with the frog if he was standing, (he refused to sit on a chair because they were dirty! LOL), nicely and listening to his teacher.  He tried to escape but was reminded by Miss S that if he ran around being silly he would have to put the frog away…….. it worked…….. he listened!! mmmmmm never usually works for us!

When the register was done all of the prep children said good morning, then his teacher said good morning to J and although he yelled it at her, he replied with “MORNING!” and a scowl.  Progress right?

Then the children went outside to play and although he wasn’t overly happy and had one or 2 issues – the slide was dirty, he couldn’t make his body climb the way he wanted to go and so on…. – he actually played in the Prep area!!!  HUGE PROGRESS  right?

We actually managed a trip to prep that lasted more than 10 minutes and he played!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!  We were thinking of taking him over to the computer block but as he was starting to look like he’d had enough we decided to end on a high and so left.

Then this afternoon whilst he was at EI, his teachers took the children over to the prep area to play at recess and he was ok! In fact his EI teacher spend a little while talking to me about their little trip and I was informed that he even said hello to his new teacher.  Huge Huge Progress right?

He’ll be going on another trip tomorrow whilst at EI and again next week so I guess we’ll see how he gets on. I hope that saying hello to his new teacher means that kind of likes her, (very important). I know it will be very different for him when he actually starts prep, on his little trips with his EI teachers it was just the 6 kids in his class playing, he copes ok in small groups but when he starts prep it’s going to be a very busy, (sensory overloading and lots of change), classroom and playground.  So I’m still panicking about January but I finally feel that we’ve made some progress today!

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