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So today is the day………………………….the day that my race began!

January 2011 I had lost a good amount of weight and felt healthier than I had felt in a few years but after the miscarriage life took over…………….. I was busy being a taxi for my Hubby, taking him to one appointment or another due to his back injury, I was busy taking J to one appointment or another, (OT, Speech, Psychologist, Peadiatrician, school etc etc). I was just busy and despite doing the odd hour here and there on the exercise bike or Wii Fit I simply just didn’t have time to work on myself. I liked being busy, life was strangely easier when I was busy.

This week one of my best friends asked if I would do the Race For Life with her. I’ve done this a few times in the past before leaving for Australia but always on my own. Although the Race For Life is only 5km, running/jogging is always something I’ve struggled with and each time I’ve had to rely on my inhalers (for Asthma) to get me through the Race. That said, it didn’t take me very long to text her a big yes back!

So today we signed ourselves up as a group and for the first time in a while I feel like I’m doing something positive! This is the reason I’ve been needing to improve my fitness and if I lose a few pounds whilst raising a few pounds for a good cause in the process, well that’ll be a huge bonus. I’m not going into it with my head up in the clouds, we’re going to train properly and I’m well aware that I will almost definitely still have a need to use my inhaler. However my aim, our aim is to begin working on our fitness……………and it’s going to be great fun training together :)

Today is the first day in my race for a new healthier me………………………….wish us luck! :)

Oh and if you feel like donating to a great cause, Cancer Research UK, if you click on the Race For Life image above it’ll take to our just giving page where you can sponsor us by making your donation. You can also support us by sponsoring through the page or you can also text MUMS78 £5 to 70070 and through your phone bill that’s a £5 donation. A huge thankyou in advance to anyone that donates :)

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Today I faced one of my fears…………. please refrain from laughing…………………… I made playdough for J!

I’ve always had a fear of playdough………….. the way it feels, the way it smells……….. everything about it!

I had promised J earlier in the week that I would make him some (he loves the stuff!) and I should have known better than to think he might forget because J never forgets!

So we got all the ingredients out ready, (cream of tartar, plain flour, salt, food colourings, a dash of cooking oil) and put the kettle on for the boiling water that we needed.

We made a variety of different colours and I encouraged J to tell which colours I needed to mix together to make the other colours that he wanted, like purple, orange and green :)

We even mixed glitter into two batches to give J a different sensory experience

  Whilst I hate playdough J loves it and it does have its uses. J gets to exercise his fine motor skills and work on his muscle tone.

Ofcourse the downside to making your own playdough (apart from having to touch it!) is that food colouring stains…… badly!

J thinks it’s hilarious that Mummy has blue hands and has been giggling since we made the playdough, declaring “Mum’s turning into a Smurf!” :)

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I took J for a nice long walk tonight about 1/2 an hour before bedtime. He bounced along with me, sometimes holding my hand and sometimes running ahead. He did some really great listening tonight, stopping exactly where I told him to when he was allowed to run ahead. He did some great walking………. we walked for a good 40 minutes which is really impressive for J, usually after 5 minutes he’s begging to be picked up.  So really proud of him!

We’re going to try to go on a walk every night, (weather permitting), he seemed to really enjoy it and we even managed to have an informal chat about school………… he was quite vague but I’m working on it, maybe over the next few nights he might be able to open up a little more………………. And another good thing, He’s been in bed for 30 minutes and I’ve only been called in 4 times so far………. coincidence?  maybe or maybe the walk really wore him out and got out some of the energy he’s been saving up whist at school, we’ll see what happens over the next few nights ;)

Here’s tonight’s sunset

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Today I woke up really early, 3:15am early and I wasn’t even woken up by J!  No last night/this morning it was the pain in my back and my leg that woke me up. So whilst I’m very tired today, waking up so early gave me the opportunity to have some quiet, me time to think. I lost a good amount of weight just before Christmas but over the last couple of weeks I seem to have gotten sidetracked, well I have been very busy trying to convince J that school can be fun, (not is fun because I’d be lying, it was hell for me – another post I think) and ofcourse we’ve had al the dramas with the floods.

Today I’ve made a start at getting back on track. Hubby took me to the local shop, (it wasn’t much fun trying to get in the car with a leg I can’t bend or raise!), to stock up with fruit and veg etc…… you know all the healthy stuff! WOW! I couldn’t believe how little choice there was and how much they cost. The price of fruit and veg has sky rocketed here over the last week and it now ridiculously expensive to buy fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless I did get some fruit but ended up buying frozen veg, as it was cheaper and will last longer.

Once the leg feels better and I’m able to bend it, lift it and so on I’m planning on going to the gym and I’m going to be going swimming on a regular basis with friends. Obviously all this is also going to cost money so right now I’m trying to add up the cost of healthy living.

Of course I may also go for long walks too………… because they’re free! :)

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We’ve been using the new rules in our house for about a week now and we’ve had lots of ups and downs with them all week. Needless to say J isn’t enjoying having new rules, (another change to deal with), however he has been complying with them in his own way.

He helped me to choose different pictures for his visual aids, we now use a traffic light chart alongside a “privileges” chart, (these are things he wouldn’t want to lose if his behaviour resulted in a red light).

The books on his chart are the amount of bedtime stories he gets read by ME, (if he loses all of them he can still have A story but it will be read by Daddy, he prefers Mummy), the TV is his TV programmes and the computer games consoles are of course his computer games, (which are his obsession).  With the traffic light system if he goes to amber he gets a warning and then if he’s “good” for 30 minutes after his warning he can go back to green, however if we receive negative behaviour from him then he goes to red and then loses something from his chart.  This has been abit hit and miss but now that we’ve been using it for a week it’s starting to work. We had a tough few days at the beginning of the week, in fact on Tuesday by 10am he’d already lost everything except one story on his chart so then I started thinking “now what, he’s got nothing to lose” and began to doubt that the system would work but we’ve stuck with it and it’s starting to pay off. He has lost something everyday but for the past 2 days he’s only lost a couple of things. I don’t know if that’s because of the chart or if he’s simply been having a good couple of days, in any case well done little man, you’re doing great!

The other visual chart we are using is a daily schedule, this is so that he can see what’s coming up next and so hopefully ease some of his anxieties.


To say that he loves this chart would be an understatement! He helped me to choose the pictures for this chart and often looks at his chart to see what he has to do next. This one is working!!!

We keep both charts on the fridge so that he can see them easily.


As for the new rules, well J isn’t liking them, however he has opened the fridge door himself on a couple of occasions and he’s started to try a little harder at getting himself dressed. Getting dressed is something he struggles with and it’s something that we’re working on. WELL DONE J!

As for the new food rule, well J doesn’t like this rule but has complied with it…….. literally! On 2 occasions now his has overfilled his mouth and started to walk away from the table, I have reminded him that food has to stay at the table and so he’s spat everything out onto his plate and then gone off to play! LOL  When asked why he spat his food out he’s looked at me confused and replied ” you said food had to stay at the table” :)    Despite some arguments and some refusal to eat food has stayed at the table. However J has now been taking longer to eat everything and has eaten less, he has also at most mealtimes had a bite then gone off somewhere to play, come back to have another bite, gone to play and so on.  So over the next few weeks we may make small changes to this rule, such as getting a clock and giving him x amount of time to finish eating. Also he still isn’t sitting at the table very often, he prefers to stand or bounce, so we may make it a rule that when he’s eating he has to sit, we’re hoping to be provided with a special seat for him so he can move whilst he sits.

Overall so far so good, apart from a few bumps in the road our new rules and charts seem to be working.   So WELL DONE J, you’re doing great and Mummy and Daddy are very proud! x

On a slightly different note, I am continuing with my weightloss challenge and have made slight changes to my diet, I’m exercising regularly at least 3-4 times a week and generally feeling alot healthier.  I haven’t lost huge amounts of weight but I have lost another pound over the last 2 weeks. I know that’s not great but that’s a total of 7 lbs in 5 weeks which I think is pretty good and I’m trying to make changes to my lifestyle that I can continue once I’ve reached my goal. My goal is to feel healthier and to lose some weight, it’s not rapid weight loss so I’m very happy with myself.

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Ok so this week wasn’t expecting great results when I weighed in.

I haven’t done a huge amount of exercise this week. There’s two reasons for this, the first is that it’s been a very busy week. Monday we had a visit from Disability Queensland, Tuesday whilst J was at playgroup I tried to catch up on some housework and did the grocery shop, Wednesday we had to go into Brisbane to see J’s pediatrician, by the time we got home t day was nearly over, Thursday J started the ECDP at the Early Intervention Centre at the school so we spent the morning doing fun things and preparing for his first session and Friday was spent the same as Thursday, so pretty busy week.  I’ve also been a little disorganised this week which is not like me at all, (I like to be in control).

The other reason is that I just couldn’t be bothered! I know that sounds awful but J hasn’t slept well this week and that’s meant that I haven’t slept well………….. what’s new!  He’s been waking up 3-4 times a night and then getting up around 5.30am every morning, I’ve been getting about 4 hours sleep a night and I’m just shattered, completely exhausted actually and I’ve had no energy left after dealing with all the “quirks” of our day-to-day life to do anything except collapse in a heap n the sofa.

Imagine my surprise today when the scales told me I had lost 1lb!

Whilst I’m really happy that I’ve lost a tiny bit more weight, I’m also a little disappointed with myself……………… imagine how much I could have lost if I’d made an effort to exercise!

I feel that I really must try harder if I want to achieve my ideal weight and fitness level.

My goals for next week are

  1. Do some for of exercise everyday
  2. Keep a check on my diet, (which is going really well)
  3. Try to organise my time better
  4. Not make excuses and to make an effort
  5. Drink more, I’ve noticed this week I haven’t drunk much so maybe I’ve also been a little dehydrated
  6. To lose a little more weight


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I’ve worked really hard on my diet and exercise this week.

With my diet I’ve been trying to make changes that I will be able to stick to. I’ve cut my night time hot milk down to 4 days a week instead of every night, I’m going to try for 3 nights this week.  I’ve replaced snacks with water or if I really must snack, fruit. I’ve started replacing my chocolate treat with mints and fruit pastilles, They’re less calories and I only eat a few because they take so long to suck.  I’ve had smaller portions at main meals and tried to cook healthier meals for hubby and myself, (the only hot meal little man eats is battered cod, but you have to take the batter off and put it beside the fish, and chips, although he’s not so keen on the chips).

Most importantly I’ve been more active. Obviously my days are spent running around after J but this week I’ve also done some kind of exercise everyday.  We bought Family Trainer Extreme Challenge on the Wii and this week finally decided to get it out to use.  J loved it!  He thought it was great fun jumping onto the right buttons, (you use a mat), to control your person. As the name suggests it has lots of different extreme sports challenges, including rock climbing, street luge, in line skating, base jumping and so on.  I have to say I was completely shattered after just 15 minutes playing on this! I then spend time on the Wii Fit afterwards because it wasn’t quite so challenging. lol      I’ve also been on the exercise bike, done some walking, some muscle exercises and yoga this week just to mix it all up abit.  I’ve also invested in a step which I will be trying out for the first time today.

I’m really proud of the effort that I’ve put in and I was so so so pleased with myself when I stood on the scales and I’ve lost another 3lbs  :)

I think with the success of this week I’m going to stick with what I’ve been doing for another week, fingers crossed I have another loss next week. :)

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