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Well could you? I know I can’t ……………I try but I just can’t.

However my amazing, awesome little man can! J has the most amazing memory EVER!

Since arriving back in the UK J has discovered Moshi Monsters. We went to play at a friend’s house, her youngest daughter, H, is a couple of years younger than  J but they have always had some kind of special connection……..And I hope my friend will agree it really is quite special watching them play together :)

Anyhow, H had a small collection of Moshi Monsters which they played happily with…………..and so the interest began, yes interest it’s not quite an obsession yet, Mario still holds the crown there. It becomes an obsession when every other conversation, every other game and 90% of all artwork is that particular topic and at the moment Mario is his favourite topic of conversation, almost all artwork is a Mario character or a level/world on a Mario game and every other game that we play becomes a mario world/level or story. :)

J took around 2 weeks to memorize every Mario character in his games, one of his favourite things to read was the instruction booklet that came with his Wii games, (yes he has more than 1 and he’s sooooo good at playing them).

He took around a week to memorize every Sonic character.  In fact we have used Sonic to help him make a connection between Australia and the UK. How? Well Knuckles is an Echidna and so is Australian, Sonic is a Hedgehog and so is English……..see the connection? :)  But what has amazed me even more is his ability to store all of that info and then memorize the name of each and every Moshi Monster in such a short period of time!

Despite J talking about Mario every day and night, (he’s woken up on more than one occasion during the night to tell me something very important about Mario!), I’ve not been able to remember the names of all the Mario characters, let alone Sonic, Moshi Monsters and all the other things he knows……….don’t get me started on animal and space facts!

So, I wondering how I can make his interests and obsessions more educational. I mean if he can memorize all of the things he can, imagine how he could excel if for example Mario became a scientist……………….

J you amaze me everyday little man. You’re pretty awesome and Mummy’s so proud of you…………………..You’re going places kiddo!

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