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When we were in Australia last time we were here for Australia Day but didn’t really celebrate it because I’d already decided that I needed to go back home to England and we were really struggling with J.   This year Australia is really starting to feel like home. We’ve started to settle into life here in Queensland,  we’ve made some great new friends, J is enrolled in school and has friends too!

So this year we thought we’d “do Australia”.

It’s no secret that J loves animals so where else could we start our day but Australia Zoo.  We had great fun there as usual, it’s a very hands on place to visit and one of the rare times/places that he doesn’t mind getting dirty hands etc.

We stroked Koalas and a baby alligator, we saw the crocs, the tigers, the wombats, the elephants, the Tasmanian devils and the birds, we fed the farm animals and ofcourse the kangaroos and pretty much just had fun!  J even got a small treat from the gift shop.

We only spent the morning at the Zoo, I’ve learnt over time that a morning or an afternoon is a full day out for J and if we try to do much longer than that he enters meltdown heaven! :)

He almost fell asleep in the car on the way home which very rarely happens so when we got home he was still a little grumpy sleepy and decided to have a rest for abit whilst he watched his Cats and Dogs DVD.

After which we went into the garden for a play. J bounced on the trampoline, we kicked a ball and ofcourse, (since it is Australia Day),  we even tried our hand at cricket………..  J and I were both pretty useless at throwing the ball but he did manage to hit it a couple of times and so decided that he won.

After a busy day filled with fun and laughter bedtime arrived…….. unfortunately he knows it’s Prep tomorrow so started to have abit of a panic but managed to change the subject.  …………………… as for tomorrow, I’ll deal with it in the morning!

Goodnight everyone, I hope whatever you did today, you all had a great Australia Day!

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Happy Australia Day everyone, hope you all have a great day……….. beach, BBQ, cricket whatever you do, have fun! :)

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