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I can’t put into words hows devastating the floods have been so far here in Qld, I say so far because we just don’t know how bad it will get but it will get worse.

I was physically shocked to see pictures that neighbours had posted yesterday of our local shopping centre underwater, the car parks had simply vanished, the car parks that I had been parked in Monday morning! The local park also was completely engulfed in water, the place where we so often feed the ducks had vanished! The local skatepark, just a short distance from our house – vanished. We were told there could be more water to come so we waited……………… then this morning we awoke to calm. The roads were once again clear, the water had receded as quickly as it has risen but there was a strange eerie feeling out there today. We decided it was dry enough to take a drive this afternoon to fill our gas bottle, (there is still a risk of power outage so just wanted to be ready…….just in case). Whilst out we stopped at the local shop, I was shocked at how busy it was! People were panic buying, shelves were quickly emptying, it made me realise just how serious the situation here is, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad the situation is in the worst affected areas and my heart goes out to those people.

The river here is still very high and no-one seems to know for sure if we are still at risk of more flooding, one minute we’re told we should be ok and the next water is heading our way so I guess we just prepare and wait.

This is the river here this afternoon

Keep safe everyone x

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