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I thought I’d share our day with everyone.

Today was a day that I was dreading, we had to go into the city on the train to J’s “Initial Assessment” appointment at the therapists and then get the train back. Usually when we go into the city or to appointment we all go but today it was just J and myself, (Daddy had to work).

After having our special day yesterday we all woke up feeling relaxed, then J asked if he could go on the Wii, I reminded him of our appointment and explained that we wouldn’t have time to play on it before we left but if he was very good he could have a go on it when we got home.  We had tears, a little shouting and moaning……….. but no meltdown. When he’d finished his little moment he ate his breakfast, chose what he wanted to wear, brushed his teeth, helped me to pack his bag and decided on a snack to take with us, I was amazed!   He then said, “I’ve been good now so can I go on my game?” LOL  Obviously I repeated what I’d already told him and told him he could watch Chuggington, then we would have to go. This time all I got was abit of moaning and face pulling.  Whilst he was watching his programme I noticed that he was biting his fingers, something he does alot of when he’s worrying, getting cross, frustrated etc so I could tell he was already starting to feel anxious about our trip.

We left the house without too many problems, arrived at the train station and discovered that there wasn’t a single tiny place left for us park so we had to drive up to the shopping centre, abandon the car there and walk back to the station.  J is always full of energy, he doesn’t stop moving but if you ask him to walk somewhere his legs suddenly hurt and won’t move.  I’d already foreseen all of this and so had around 30 minutes to complete the 5 minute walk. I did give in at one point and carried him for a couple of minutes but he did end up walking most of it,  Well Done J!

Here’s where the day got better, WOW I was so proud of J……… he then sat, with me, on a very crowded train playing his Gameboy for the whole journey, almost an hour!!!  No outbursts, no rude comments, no random screaming or shouting, just a very quiet little boy!

When we arrived at our stop he had a little growl at someone and called them stupid because they wouldn’t move to let us get off the train so we had to squeeze past but I felt like growling at them too so I think I’ll let him off with that.   :)

We then took 20 minutes to walk to the clinic, which was really just another 5 minute walk but we had to keep stopping, his legs hurt. LOL    We had a lovely time at the clinic talking to a very nice lady, mostly talking about J’s quirks/issues and the best ways in which they may be able to help. She was very helpful and friendly and most importantly listened.  Whilst we were talking J played with his Gameboy and with building blocks, he’s always loved blocks, and although he kept interrupting, (because that’s just what he does, it’s one of his social quirks),  and after a while got a little agitated and wanted to go, (most 4 year olds would probably get like this after a while), he was extremely well behaved.  Once again, Very Proud Mummy!!!

We had a few minor moments walking back to the train station and the walk took almost 30 minutes, we ended up missing our train because we’d taken so long.  We had to wait 25 minutes for the next train!  He wasn’t happy about waiting but we got his snack out and managed to make it last the whole 25 minutes.

We got on the train and found some seats for the journey home. J decided he wanted to eat his crisps on the way home so out they came and he sat very quietly for around 40 minutes eating one packet of crisps.  The train was almost empty on the journey home so much quieter and no chance of someone brushing against him……………. then he shouted “What’s that smell has someone farted!!!!” Then continued with, “I don’t like it, it smells horrible, I need to get off now, I think it was that man” and pointed.  Now I’ve gotten to a place where, whilst I am slightly embarrassed, I don’t really care what other people think, it makes me a little angry inside when people make comments or stare because those people just make things worse, but today I really didn’t care what everyone else on the train thought about my son and my parenting skills. I did ask J to talk instead of shouting and explained that it wasn’t nice to shout things like that and tried to calm him down. Then the train stopped at the next station and the man got off………….. mmmmm something we said?  LOL    J immediately calmed down and the last 10 minutes of our journey was almost uneventful, he started to get bored and just wanted to get off the train.

When we got off the train I carried him for half of the walk back to the car, a deal we had made whilst on the train and he walked the other half.

When we got home as promised I let him play on his game and his only big explosion of the whole day came when I turned the game off, but that was expected, it always happens.

Overall we’ve had a great day, 2 good days in a row……………. mmmmmm wonder what tomorrow will bring!  lol

As for today, Well done J, I’m very proud of you, I know you’ve had a few minor moment s but overall I think you’ve been Positively Brilliant!  xxxxx :)

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