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This week I decided to do a little work on J’s “dirty” issue. J hates being dirty, in particular he hates having dirty hands, it’s been the cause of many meltdowns, he very rarely does anything arty, (I’m talking about paint, glue etc), he doesn’t play in dirty puddles, (clean ones are ok to jump into with wellies on! LOL), and so on.  So I was trying to think of something that he used to enjoy doing, many months ago, and I decided on shaving foam. Not only is shaving foam “messy” but he could also draw pictures in it, so arty, and it would also provide J with a sensory activity.

I was unsure how he would react at first, I tried to get him excited happy about trying something new that we hadn’t done in a very long time and even took him with me to the shop to buy the shaving foam.

He got changed into some old clothes. We put the messy mat on the floor and I squirted lots of shaving foam out onto the mat, he wouldn’t squirt it out but thought the noise the can made was very funny, he said “it sounds like it’s farting!” with a giggle  –   good start!  :)

He  was very cautious to start with, only just touching it with his hands but gradually his hands began to explore the shaving foam further.

Then after about 1/2 an hour of drawing circles in the shaving foam and squishing it in his hands he shocked me and asked if he could put his feet in it!  Of course I quickly told him yes!

Again very cautiously he started to put his toes into the shaving foam and then he started picking the shaving foam up with his hands and covering his feet with it!

I was amazed at how well the activity went, after almost an hour he was actually sitting in it!

Of course he then decided that he’d had enough, asked me to wash his clothes and insisted on having a bath, but he actually sat in it!  I asked him if he liked the shaving foam, he looked at me with a forced smile and said “yes but I’ve had enough now”

I think the shaving foam may well come out again soon.  :)

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