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Everyday I …….

Here’s a few things that I do each and every day………..

Everyday I ………

Wake up, usually very early, (J usually gets me up between 6 and 6.30am everyday), and it’s usually around the 3rd time I’ve been woken up too! :)

Drink coffee, I can’t do anything in the morning until I’ve had a coffee ….. or 2! lol  J calls it my “wake up drink”.

Wash, brush teeth, get dressed etc etc ………….. Who doesn’t?

Hug J because there’s no better way to start the day. ((x))

Have breakfast with J, this is the only meal that he eats everyday and it’s nice to sit and chat about what we’re going to do each day.

Housework – boring I know but it has to be done, the clean up fairy and the chef never turn up for work so it’s me that gets everything done.

Check my email …… and everything else online – very important!!!

Play, most of my day is spent playing whatever J’s new obsession is, at the moment everything becomes a computer game, complete with levels, stages, lands etc………

Give J another hug, just because I can! I keep reminding myself that he’s growing up so quickly and soon won’t want hugs from me all the time, so I’ve got to get them now while I can! :)

Pick toys up – usually after we’ve played and hopefully before I’ve stepped on them.

Swear! I very rarely swear but, let’s face it, it’s bound to happen at some point during the day, (usually towards the end of the day when the tiredness is creeping in).

Read something, anything, I love reading.

Give Hubby a hug and ask him how his day has been……… just because. :)

Watch abit of television – Ok I admit it, I’m a telly addict! lol

Read a bedtime story to J, sometimes we read 2 or 3, it’s part of J’s routine and it’s also one of my favourite times of the day. It’s “special time”.

Hug J again – Goodnight hug. :)

And of course the most important thing that I do everyday …………. Tell J that I love him. xxxxx

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