A Whole New World!

I’ve decided to go ahead and set up a new blog……………….A whole new world!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, commented, read etc during my time blogging at MumtoJ. I will be shutting this down over the next few days but please feel free to join me on my journey at my new world MumtoJ – Inmyworld.

I hope to see lots of you over there.

Jo :)

The End……………

Hi everyone!  After a lot of serious thought I’ve decided to shut my blog down. I want to thank everyone for reading, commenting and supporting me. I will come back to blogging next year with a new blog but for now I just have too much happening in the MumtoJ house at the moment. We have so much “stuff” going on at the minute (and probably for the next couple of months), I just don’t have the time to blog. However the time away from blogging has given me time to think and I’ve decided that I want to start fresh…….when I’m ready.

Originally I started blogging as a way for family and friends to read what happening with us when we moved but it became so much more and I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging.

So thankyou once again everyone for reading etc………………the “new me” will see you at some point in 2014!


Taking A Break

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve not posted anything for a while now. I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging.

I’m not sure how long my break will be but I promise I will be back at some point.

We have alot of different “stuff’ happening in the MumtoJ house at the moment. We are still struggling to sort out and deal with Hubby’s back injury, sorry but NHS you are very slow. For the government that wants to get people into work and off of benefits, here you have a man who has been unable to work for 2 years now due to his back injury but is desperate to get his back fixed (as best as it’s can be) and get back to work…………….(and a wife who desperately wants to get him back to work and oput from under her feet, I love him but his boredom is driving me mad). Despite doing everything we can, he is still waiting to be seen by a specialist and (hopefully) fixed. His back injury has also has other effects on family life because obviously he can’t play with our son in the same way that he used to 2 years ago.  J is a very active child and has struggled to understand that Dad can’t play on the trampoline and he can’t climb on Dad etc etc and so that has meant I have had to try to take his place and J has had to adjust his play. J has ASD, adjusting his play has not been easy for him.

We have also moved house and have issues with heating etc, which hasn’t been much fun over the cold period that we’ve been having. As well as moving house J has moved school. He’s now going to a small village school AND he LIKES it…………………HE ACTUALLY LIKES IT!!!! Obviously he’s had some changes to cope with and he’s surprised us by coping remarkably well, so much better than we ever thought he would. We’ve seen a huge change in J since starting his new school, he’s much calmer before and after school, he’s talking about what he’s done at school, he’s telling us how he’s played with C or S or J at playtime, he’s eating his lunch and getting him dressed and ready for school isn’t such a big battle. All of which backs up our claim that school was causing his anxiety driven behaviour. So changing school has so far been a brilliant change and is working well for all of us.

We’ve also had Christmas to deal with, ok I know everyone had Christmas to deal with but ASD parents will understand when I say URGH!

I’ve also had some health issues myself to deal with, some of which are still ongoing but I’m not going to get into right now.

And then there’s been the whole issue of the future. Do we return to Australia? We want to but if Hubby’s back doesn’t get fixed is returning to Australia still an option that we should pursue. J has told some of the children in his class that he IS going back to Australia and we are very aware that there is lots that he misses. The education and Healthcare system works much better for J in Australia, so far it has been pretty crap here in the UK. We are still struggling to get a UK diagnosis, so far tests have shown he has difficulties but he scored one point less than needed on one test for an Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnosis……….Guess Australia supported his needs too well or maybe he lost a little ASD on the flight to the UK. Anyway without that all important UK diagnosis he gets no help or support. So Australia would be and is so much better for J. There’s also the added bonus of an outdoor lifestyle, the weather makes that so much more possible. With the cold weather we are both constantly ill and stuck indoors. That said if Hubby can’t get his back fixed he won’t be able to return to the job that he has done all of his working life and so the question How do we support ourselves financially arises. I’d be happy to return to work but what does Hubby do?

We’ve got lots of other minor “stuff” going on in the background too. So as I said at the start of the post I’m taking a break from blogging so that we can try to deal with some of the things going on in our lives at the minute.

See you soon

Thanks for sticking with me, I’ll hopefully be back soon.

A Christmas Costume Review

I recently received a Reindeer costume to review from Joke.co.uk.

J was very excited when it arrived and quickly tore open the packaging and then proceeded to wear the Reindeer costume for 2 days straight!


The costume is made from very soft material so for a child with sensory needs it was fantastic. J found it very easy to get in and out of, he did however keep misplacing the reindeer head which wasn’t attached to the main part of the costume and was more of a hood/hat. At just £8.49 this costumes is great value for money. It’s sure to get lots of use in our house, in fact J loves it so much that he wants to wear it to his school Christmas party! :)

There’s a huge range of children’s costumes available to choose from on their site, everything from clowns and superheroes to themes such as Christmas and Halloween. There’s also a range of adult fancy dress costumes available to choose from, which is very handy at the moment with party season upon us, so why not take a look, there’s something for everyone.


Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given for this review. I did, however, receive a reindeer costume to trial and review. All opinions are my own or of my family, where applicable.

J is one very happy boy right now. :)

We were given a small set of drawers, which to be honest had seen better days but they were still very solid. So we’ve cleaned them and painted them. Then we bought some small wall stickers, added them to the drawers and created this Super Mario Set of drawers……………….

A very welcome piece of furniture in his room. :)

#FMSphotoaday – Night

Reflection #FMSphotoaday

A Reflection of Light


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